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Wooooooaaahhh! It's here! The one and only
EFT comic

click and laugh! :)

Check out the major graphicians in Impulse....



For more info on Rendall please click here!

"Amiga rulez" from Voyage in Storm"Angelo_f_death""Impulse_inside!" from Muscles"Mee_mi_e" from Three"Muscles" from Muscles :)"Oslo-ban" from Unexpected \ Steroid"Sweetheart""Thenextf"NyomorultcuccciccArtist InsideEnokvanishing point



For more info on Beast please click here!

"champaign""cicmic""daydream""fish" from Muscles"georgie""Spaceship" for 2001 Cat FaceDream

Ofcourese we also have a 3D section! It's a separated part of the gallery, as it contains many other things than images. Please check it out!


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1997 Impulse


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