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Since some weeks we are sure that EFT is a superhero. As others he also hides his other "self", but we can prove that he's not an ordinay programmer, he is EFT!

These pictures are the first try. In the near future we'll make the comic more comic! :) So if you want to have fun, or get excited on interesting stories pop in here!

Another day, another dissapointment

EFT considers that someone on Earth has got a faster 3D engine than his.

First he scared, but soon he discovered that it can't be, as NO ONE can make faster routines than HIM!

So if you got a faster one let EFT know it ! :)))

copyright 1997 Impulse comics

The spanish inquisition is nothing!

This story is just a usual EFT act.

He calls me up to get the objects he told (commanded) me to do! And if I say they're not ready yet, he looks like this! :)

Someday I'd like to see EFT while he's on the phone with me. But I'm afraid he would burn me! :)

copyright 1997 Impulse comics

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