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People behind the name.

Beast  Gato  Eft  Lord  Mezon  Mr.Pixel  Rendall  Soldier

Beast -graphician
He was in Majic 12 for a long time, till it ended up as a PC group. Then he left it for Impulse. He uses low, or med-res mainly, but since a while he prefers hires too.. :)As we all know Majic 12 always had very good graphicians!:) Beast is the silent artist. He's not in the origin of the scene, that's why he's not as famous as for example Rendall. But to be sure check his pictures in the gallery.
EFT -coder
At the moment EFT is the only coder in Impulse. That's why it's hard to make a stuff with him, as he's in monopoly!:) He's the mind beyond our productions. He can create very good routines, and he may even use "bugs" as routines!:) Ofcourse he's the best coder on amiga (as he said to me.. :)). He made some games too. Like Reunion, Super Street Fighter II turbo, etc. He's working for a game company here in Hungary. Sadly these days he only do games for the gamemachine (also known as PC:)) If you want to talk to him, then you can found him on the #amycoders channel.
Gato [E-mail]-swapper
Awhile ago he was maybe the biggest swapper in Hungary, with many-many contacts. Now he's not that active. He was in many groups first came Red Rats, then Steroid, and maybe short after that Impulse. There were some smaller stations too. He's the only one who don't live in Budapest. He lives in Gyula, it's on the south-east of Hungary. At the moment he's got an A1200 with a 040\40 card, and he's very happy with it!:)
Lord [E-mail]-main boozer, musician, organizer, trader


This is going to be a long one. :) I think Ishould ask Lord to write he's own text, but let me introduce him a bit... As I can remember he started his carreer in Hyperacidity, and then he joined Absolute! which is still a part of his life. Then he joined Impulse. He's also a member of Crimson Jihad, the anti-PC fungroup. :)Lord's maybe our speaker, as he's present at 80+% of bigger parties. And he's really a big boozer. Once you met him you'll never forget him!:) At the moment he seems to be the most famous hungarian scener.
Mezon -modeller
Mezon started modelling when he saw an Imagine at my place (Soldier) and after a while he became a really good modeller. He uses Imagine for pre-modelling, and maybe modeler for the final touches. Mezon's first group was Waveriders which was a typical "no-coder" group. Then after the success of Muscles we both joined Impulse. He had an A1200\030\50 but he had to sold it for a PC (sadly) to cover the requirements of 3Ddesigning.
Mr. Pixel [E-mail]g-musician, organizer
He's a former Impulse member. He was in several hungarian groups like the famous Fi-Re crew, and so on. He did graphic stuffs too. Mainly logos. Since a long time now he's only doing musics. As he did for example for Voyage in Storm. He owns many musical stuffs. He also plays in a band. He plays the keyboard. His amiga changed almost 300% in one month!:)At the moment he has an A1200 \030\50 with 16MB ram, a big HD, an AURA soundcard, and a lot more.
Rendall [E-mail]- graphician, organizer
Sadly he left Impulse for Mystic. At the moment he seems to be the no.1 graphician in Hungary and maybe on the scene, as the Assembly results shows that. :) He has got the thing we all want :originality.. I think hels first group was Impulse, but I'm not sure. He also was in the developing of Reunion. And right now he's working with EFT on a PC game. He likes to paint too. Just check the gallery for his pictures.
Soldier [E-mail]- ray-tracer, modeller
Last but not least some words on me. I was a former member in Waveriders. It was a small group, but we did some productions. I was a swapper and ray-tracer. Then we (WR) were Ram Jam hungary for almost a month!:) After that we continued doing nothing in WR. Sadly Shane (coder, musician) went to the army, and Kiki (coder, he coded Wendetta 2175) left because he needed more time to code his game. Then came Impulse. And it's still here!:) I must also mention, that we (Mezon and me) are a little team. We do all of our works together. I mean we made the objects in 50-50%. That's coz many ppl thinks that I'm the only modeller ! So we are a pair! At the moment I own an amiga 1200 waiting for a PPC card . :) and a PC for doing 3D stuff.

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